Tambuwal Has Capacity to Defeat Buhari, Group Tells PDP


  Sokoto governor has what it takes, says campaign organisation 

Aminu Waziri Tambuwal Support Group, a support group for Sokoto State Governor and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential aspirant, Hon. Aminu Waziri has urged all the party’s delegates for tomorrow’s presidential primaries to vote for Governor Tambuwal as PDP flag bearer in 2019 presidential elections.    

This is coming as the spokesman of the Tambuwal Presidential Campaign Organisation, Dr Okey Ikechukwu, has said that Nigeria’s best chance of a president that can unite Nigeria, restore a sense of community and give the nation 21st Century leadership is the Sokoto governor.

The group in an open letter to PDP delegates on the presidential primaries, which was made available to journalists yesterday, said the opposition need a candidate like Tambuwal, who has constitutional immunity, adding that PDP cannot afford to have “a candidate that can be thoroughly harassed and blackmailed to succumb by the desperate Buhari administration.”

The group stated that in Tambuwal, the party has the opportunity to give President Muhammadu Buhari a befitting retirement and there urged all the party delegates to cast their votes for the Sokoto State governor during the PDP presidential primaries.

“Every passing day reminds us that we have a country to save. Throughout the length and breadth of our country, our people are being killed in their thousands and we have lost count. Our economy is depressed and our youth are despondent. Our country is divided in ways that it has never been. Nigeria desires leadership now than ever- a new leadership that has eluded them for the past three years and one that can take them into the future. A Gallup survey revealed that Nigerians want a new type of politician and a younger candidate in 2019. Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal best fits this profile,” the group said.

Meanwhile, the spokesman of the Tambuwal Presidential Campaign Organisation, Dr Okey ikechukwu, has said that Nigeria’s best chance of a president that can unite Nigeria, restore a sense of community and give the nation 21st Century leadership is Tambuwal.

On what he would consider some of the strong points of his man vis a vis other aspirants within and outside the PDP and what makes him think that Tambuwal would make a good president for Nigeria at a time like this, Ikechukwu replied: “First he has learnt the ropes over the years, at the highest levels of national leadership and also as a professional. Second, he is very well known as a master of consensus and political bridge building, which makes him the type o person we need now. Third, he has no issues with the law. Fourth, he one candidate in this contest who takes pains to be in mentioning pecific, practical and implementable policy ideas, actions and proposals with which he inends to tackle our national problems once elected”.

Asked to explain Tambuwal’s views on restructuring he said: “His Excellency has taken pains to point out that the way forward for us to first realise thatsome parts of the country see it  as confederation, while others see it as regionalism, resource control and so on and that the entire thing boils down to the demand for equity, for greater autonomy of Nigeria’s federating units and for the full expression of our national character in everything we do. He insists that our diversity must be maintained trained if we are also to have a polity that gives everyone a sense of belonging”.