Omo-Agege Challenges Emerhor to Come Clean


The senator representing Delta Central senatorial district, Omo Ovie-Agege, has alleged blackmail in a petition filed against him by All Progressives Congress (APC) fellow stakeholder, Olorogun O’tega Emerhor.

Omo-Agege in a statement issued on his behalf by his Special Assistant, Efe Duku, said that it was part of the blackmail against him that led to the alleged smear media campaign in which Omo-Agege was alleged to have been indicted by the California Bar Association.

“Yesterday, Emerhor petitioned the Inspector-General of Police (IG), that the Senator Ovie Omo-Agege plans to kill him. Although Emerhor’s petition is a shocking, malicious, wicked and brazen lie calculated to blackmail, embarrass and demean Senator Omo-Agege and smear his reputation, our Senator has nonetheless called for its proper investigation.

“We note that many have reasonably asked why Omo-Agege would ever plan anything against a so-called political opponent who has no electoral value – one who has never won an election in his own polling unit!

“Today, barely 24 hours after Emerhor’s wild, wicked, childish and laughable petition became a media show, a new lie, blackmail and campaign of calumny was launched against Senator Omo-Agege. The blackmailer wants the world to believe that Omo-Agege bears a criminal conviction from California, USA that legally disqualifies him from the 2019 Delta Central senate race.

Alleging that it was a proxy game by his political rival, Omo-Agege said he welcomes a healthy scrutiny of the backgrounds of all aspirants for political office.

While affirming that he was at one point accused of breaking the law in California during what he described as an illustrious legal career, Omo-Agege said he was, however, wholly cleared of the allegation by the Honourables Lance A. Ito (who presided over the popular O.J. Simpson murder trial case) and G. Magnera of the Court of California, County of Los Angeles.

“We are not altogether surprised that the electorally infertile self-acclaimed ’Supreme Leader’ of the Delta APC believes that the easiest and only way to win his first election is to first bring down his own brother with cheap blackmail, lies and judicial magic.

“Always naïve and filled with venom to retaliate his shameful defeat by Delta’s most respected opposition political forces during the last APC congresses in Delta, Emerhor now appears just too desperate. If not, he would have known that he will sink deeper into shame and self-destruct by picking futile fights of vendetta with Omo-Agege of the Omo-Agege dynasty. He will soon learn that the law is a great force against the machinations of evil men. He has wetted the ground for extraordinarily huge legal battles that must stretch beyond his wildest imaginations. He started it; we will end it.”