Be Steadfast, Afenifere Tells Osun People

Pa Reuben Fasoranti

Segun James

The pan-Yoruba sociocultural group, Afenifere, has urged the people of Osun state to go to the polls today to conclude last Saturday gubernatorial polls in 7 units,

The Afenifere calls on the people to make their choice in a peaceful and orderly manner .

In a statement signed by its leader, Chief Rufus Fasoranti, the group insisted that “the supplementary election is crucial to the future of Osun, Yorubaland and indeed the whole of Nigeria and this explains the interest the international community has taken in it.

“We appeal to voters in the units to make informed choices without any inducement ,fear and favour .

We have noticed undue interference with the electoral process by politicians in the last few hours and frown at such violation of the sanctity of the ballot system.

“The elections in Osun is still on and it shows the last of ethics on the side of politicians to be interfering openly the way we have seen. It has also come to our notice that a climate of fear is being created in the State on the eve of the election with arrests and intimidation. This is uncalled for and our security forces should not allow themselves to be used for partisan purposes.

“Finally,we stand with the people of Osun as they determine and their faith and it is our strong desire that their will should prevail tommorow.”