Flood: Kogi, Anambra, Others Need Help!

Alhaji Ibrahim Jibril

The devastating effects of some of the recent downpour in certain parts of the country particularly, Kogi and Anambra States have shown that it is one disaster the states alone can no longer manage. They obviously require the help of the federal government as parts of the federation.

Some of the pictures from Kogi and Anambra are truly disturbing. They exposed the inadequacies of the states in terms of emergency management and importantly, their inability to envisage these natural disasters and prepare ahead.

Although such dispositions could be evident non-readiness for leadership as seen in the demeanors of some of the governors, that lives are involved brings the totality of the issue at the doorstep of the federal government. There should be some kind of synergy at this level in managing these situations. President Muhammadu Buhari should look at the affected states and respond to the challenges, respectively.