15-Year-Old Kehinde Urgently Needs N4M for Heart Surgery

15-Year-Old Kehinde Urgently Needs N4M for Heart Surgery


For 15-year-old Kehinde Mutairu to live beyond this period and fulfill his dreams in the future, he urgently needs N4 million for a heart surgery.

According to doctors at the Lagos State Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), his condition, which is a hole in the heart, is life-threatening and requires immediate attention.

His parents, Mr. Hakeem Osho Mutairu and Mrs. Abiodun Mutairu, said he has suffered greatly with the ailment for more than five years without any obvious improvement.

He is said to have a displaced apex beat and a grade four pan systolic murmur loudest at the mitral area.

Kehinde was managed for congestive cardiac failure secondary to rheumatic heart disease and he is currently on anti-failure medications, but doctors say the only remedy therefore for him is to undergo a heart surgery without further delay.

The mother said: “My son stopped attending classes since we noticed his inability to work well, this has really brought sadness to us and to kehinde as well.

“We were told to bring the sum of N4 million before the surgery could be conducted. So much money has been spent on this ailment. We plead with every member of the society to render assistance to save my son’s life.”

For support, please reach Mr and Mrs Mutairu on 08185139503 or send donations to Abiodun Iyabode Mutairu, 0224624700, GTB.

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