Diamond Bank Highlights Benefits of Loyalty Scheme


Diamond Bank Plc has listed the benefits of its customer loyalty reward programme, Genzone.

The bank also assured that it would continue to reward loyal customers who accumulate Gempoints in the Gemzone programme.

The Gemzone is a Diamond Bank’s customer loyalty program designed to express gratitude to customers of the bank.

Through this initiative, points earned can be exchanged for exciting items in the bank’s catalogue and customers can earn Gempoints on everyday transactions such as deposits, mobile app transactions or by participating in most of our campaigns. All a customer needs to do is to meet the transaction or campaign requirement and starts accruing the Gempoints.

But speaking in an interview, the bank’s Head Consumer and Privilege Banking, Diamond Bank, Kari Tukur said: “Your Gem point expires after two years. So, you can only hold it for two years and in fact if your account also is dormant, it shortens your Gempoints. “So, if you have accrued let’s say 10,000 Gempoints over the last year, based on the expiration date of when you accrue the Genpoints, we will make deductions from your GemZone account.

“So, it is very important because we want you to earn and spend and not build it up for 10 years because the value of the items on GemZone also changes over time so you want to enjoy that benefit while the opportunity comes.”

The Head, Customer Experience and Engagement, Diamond Bank Plc, Michelle Nwoga said: “The main essence of the GemZone loyalty programme is a way of saying thank you to our customers and the loyalty programme gives customers opportunity to earn Gempoints with the various transactions that they carry out with the bank and the transactions can range from anything like cash deposit, airtime purchase for example or cinema tickets on the mobile app, you earn Gempoints.”

Also, the bank’s Enterprise, Intelligence and Strategy, Linus Iwajoku said: “Our GemZone is just our own way of saying thank you to our customers in the loyalty scheme. While carrying out your normal banking transaction, we find a way of rewarding you with Gempoints that you can actually redeem on our platform for goods that are very valuable and unique cutting across different types of product, voucher card and all that.

“It is our own way of saying thank you for your loyalty; for your support and as you carry out those transactions may be using your Automated Teller Machine (ATM) or even doing transaction online or even doing cash deposit, you accrue what we call Gempoints and on our platform you can now redeem those Gempoints with all the goods that we have displayed on our GemZone.”

Nwoga further explained: “To earn Gempoints a customer has to pay bills, purchase airtime and do transfers, spend with credit card and carryout monthly deposit and savings.

“Now bear in mind that you earn these Gempoints and redeem the Gempoints for goods on the GemZone website.

“So, you are actually purchasing those items for free without paying cash. So, you are not actually paying the cash, what you are actually paying with are points that you have earned from transacting with Diamond Bank.

“So those are the benefits and I will say that in Diamond Bank. We also carry out a lot of other campaigns in the bank that actually support the programme.”

Commenting as well, Sam Aneke, Head, Transaction and Electronic Banking, Diamond Bank said: “Nineteen campaigns are currently running in the GemZone platform. So, customers have the opportunity to always earn more points and literally it is the more you transact the more you earn and the more you earn, the more items you can redeem on the site and there are so many items that you can redeem.”

Commenting on the loyalty scheme, one of the co-founders of Nairabox, the bank’s partner on the scheme, Jay Chikezie, described the partnership as amazing and convenient for users.