Many Years After Marriage, Providus Bank MD, Walter Akpani, Welcomes First Child by Wife

Many Years After Marriage, Providus Bank MD, Walter Akpani, Welcomes First Child by Wife

Other passions only speak but true love shrieks out pleasurably and often, at a deafening pitch. Little wonder many men dote upon the objects of their affection. Some do it with an affectionate look, some with a flattering word or poetic verse but the perfect soul mate does it with a timeless gift hence Providus Bank MD, Walter Akpani, does it with inestimable gift of love and celebration to his beautiful wife, Winifred Akpani, the MD of NorthWest Petroleum & Gas Company, when she gave birth to their first child many, many years after marriage.

Yes, even glacial ice thaws where hope claws, thus Winifred’s inestimable joy as the icy fog that froze her joy eventually defrosts. Hope is what kept her going through her crucible of misery. It is understandable therefore, that the arrival of their baby girl should drive her into spasms of unparalleled ecstasy. Winifred who gave birth in America is in a blissful state as you read.

However, through fortunate seasons and her most trying spell, Walter stood unflinchingly by Winifred, urging her to seek solace in God’s ceaseless mercies. Lest you begin to think that Winifred must have been fraught with disaster, she wasn’t. The wife of Providus’s most powerful man simply rued her inability to bear him a child.

After many years of marriage, Winifred finally bore Walter, her idol, a beautiful baby girl in his towering image. It’s a delightful to see her glow with pride and contentment over her latest feat. Her heartfelt wish has been granted and unlike so many of her peers, she never had to endure heartache or abuse from her husband before she bore him a child.

Walter has been particularly commended for exhibiting enviable maturity and tact. While many men would have taken mistresses and subjected their wives to emotional and physical torture for failing to bear them sons, he lovingly and dutifully stood with his wife. He is indeed a real man, so argued a close relative of the family.

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