How Samuel Adedoyin’s Grandaughter, Dedun Olobayo’s Marriage to Temi Kolawole Crashed


Nobody knew when or how love waned in the marriage of Temi Kolawole, one of the aides to Senator Bukola Saraki and his wife, Dedun Olobayo, the granddaughter of Chief Samuel Adedoyin, but everybody knew when their marriage crashed. It was the saddest news ever. Friends and family watched in consternation as rancour and hate intruded the couple’s bliss, leaving them wretched in love.

Contrary to popular belief that the couple enjoyed a great marriage, the reverse was the case. Conflict and distrust bordering on infidelity frequently marred their union. Eventually the couple fell out of love and their marriage hit the rock thus affirming fears that they lacked the patience and enduring maturity to surmount the storms of matrimony.

Back when the going was good, the couple was the envy of many who constantly craved and wished for their kind of union. Temi persistently doted over Dedun who runs StylemeAfrica publicly and in private thus eliciting gasps of envy from spinsters and even other men’s wives. But not for too long!

However, in the highest boughs of her marriage, love rustled like branches of a dying oak with roots falling off and like several other couples whose passion and affection extinguished in the raging inferno of midlife crisis and love gone sour, Dedun and Temi’ marriage died amid trials.

That was too much for Dedun. So disenchanted was she with marriage that she flinched whenever it was mentioned to her; anger curdled with regret leapt out of her distressed soul, like knives from the sleeves of a medieval Samurai. While Dedun’s friends dismissed allegations of infidelity in her name, her estranged husband couldn’t suffer in silence while his wife’s alleged lover continually ravaged her without a care in the world. So long!