Ejine Okoroafor: I’m Searching for the Man After My Heart

Ejine Okoroafor: I’m Searching for the Man After My Heart

If Kunle Afolayan, Teco Benson and Chico Ejiro, among other renowned producers ring bell to you, then Ejine Okoroafor is one of the next-generation of Nollywood filmmakers you should lookout for. Despite the presence of bigwigs in the industry, Ejine feels that Nollywood is not yet saturated and still has very huge untapped opportunities. The delectable and sumptuously busty producer cum actress shares her road to limelight with Chinedu Ibeabuchi

I’m a film maker and an entrepreneur

am from a family of seven and occupy the fifth position. I’m from oguta in Imo state and interestingly, I grew up in Oguta. I’m a film maker and an entrepreneur. I just finished work on a movie I produced called Trophy wife. The movie is written and directed by Tchidi Chikere and also featured Laz Ekwume, Esther Ahudu, Tamara Etaimo and several others.

I Grew up Watching Nigerian Movies

As a child, I loved watching Nigeria movies because the stories are always interesting and motivating. I still remember watching Genevieve in the movie ‘Sharon stone.’ So after my secondary school, I went to study Theatre Art at the University of Port Harcourt but those who know me well can confirm that right from my secondary school days, I have been industrious and always helping my mum in business. My mum was a teacher and also a business woman. So while in the University, my sister abroad and other friends, used to send me clothes and accessories, which in turn, I sell in school. From there, I started trading in Ghana, Dubai, South Africa and China. I used to have a shop in Owerri back in 2011 and I used to go for movie auditions in Lagos anytime I was on holiday.

The first movie I featured in was Oil village. I acted the role of a journalist who interviewed late Sam Loco. I heard they were filming across the lake so I went to meet the director, Sam Onwuka that I wanted to be part of it. Afterwards, I left back to school.

At Some Point, I Left for South Africa

I have featured in movies like Sorrow to Joy, Guilty as Sin, Miss Queen, Ofe Owerri Special, among others. At some point, I left for South Africa to study because I had this hunger to be an expert in film making. I had to hone my skills because I wasn’t the bookwarm type of girl while in the University. I was one of the youngest in my class and missed out lots of night rehearsals. Immediately, after my first degree, I applied to study in Newcastle University in England but didn’t get visa from the embassy.

After some years, I competed in the Next Movie Star, completed my NYSC and left for South Africa to study. While in school, I got pregnant and now I’m a proud super mum. I am back to Nigeria fulltime as a film maker, actress and entrepreneur.

I have produced some views. I have a big film which will hit the market soon. It’s called ‘True Vision’ which stars many A-list stars like Femi jacob, Ufuoma Mcdermott, Ebere Okaro, Chinyere winifred, Adeyemi and more. The film was written by Doris Ariole and directed by Charles Uwagbai. True Vision tells the story of Janet and Janice, identical twins with different characteristic traits. While Janet is married to a serial womanizer, her twin sister, Janice is a dare-devil in pursuit of mischievous adventures, which in turn, culminate in irreparable disaster in the end.

I Can Never Act Nude Even if offered N10 million

I won’t act in a pornographic movie for any amount.I am a big star in the making. I haven’t gotten to the height I want to attain but I am happy with my recent movies. The stories are quite interesting and unique. I won’t acknowledge that I have haters though. They are fans in disguise.

Nigeria Movies are Great Now

Oh my God. These days, we have new exciting, intriguing, twist and suspense in our stories. Nollywood is mature and it is taking a new shape big time. Gradually we are getting there and I must commend the level we are in now. Several of our movies are shortlisted at international festivals and have gained international recognition. Our movies are highly patronised across Africa and even our celebrities are revered in other African countries. To an extent, Nollywood is a pace setter in Africa.

Restricting Romance Hollywood is okay

Yes, there is restriction in art because we are Nigerians and we have a culture that is unique to our kind. So, there’s a level to what we can do.

When not Acting, I Spend Time with My Family

I’m home taking care of my business. And don’t forget I told you I am an entrepreneur aside being an actress and producer.

I don’t know yet if I Can Kiss in Movie

Oh My God, I don’t know yet if I Can Kiss in Movies. I’m very unpredictable. The story and the quality of the movie will determine what I can do or how I will interpret the role.

Genevieve Nnaji is My Role Model.

This might sound funny but Genevieve Nnaji is my role model. I have always loved and admired her work, personality and carriage. She’s the type you can refer to as the prototype which many actresses should follow. 

Many actresses live flamboyant lives

Yes, it is true because I’m in the industry and privy to some information but I won’t say more than that.

I am currently in no relationship

I am currently in no relationship and well, I’m searching for the man after my heart.Good man, loving personality, caring to a fault, God fearing and most of all, a man who adores me.

I May Marry an Actor

I have learnt in life never to say never. So, I don’t know what the future holds but would love to marry a totally different race from ours.

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