Restructuring, State Police Panacea to Nigeria’s Security, Economic Challenges, Say SDP Presidential Aspirants


Oghenevwede Ohwovoriole in Abuja
Presidential aspirants of Social Democratic Party (SDP), Professor Jerry Gana and Hon. Johnson Osakwe, have promised to restructure Nigeria if elected as president.

The aspirants stated this at the party’s national secretariat in Abuja when they submitted their nomination forms.

Gana, who promised to implement the party’s manifesto if elected president next year, said restructuring is top on the party’s manifesto.
According to him, “The issue of restructuring and reconciling the people of Nigeria is very important. The federal Republic of Nigeria must be restructured to reflect the characteristics of a well organised federation-a federation that devolves functions to the federating units.

“A functional federation is a centre and a whole network of federating units with very important powers to perform and develop effectively. We believe that the Federal Republic of Nigeria is over concentrated at the centre.”

Speaking further, he said: “As MAMSER chairman, Minister of Agriculture, Information, Cooperation and Integration, I have been to every part of Nigeria; I know Nigeria and the people and we shall move together in reworking Nigeria for good.”

On his part, Osakwe, from Delta State, also promised to restructure Nigeria, create jobs for Nigerian youths and tackle the country’s security and economic problems if elected President in 2019.

The presidential said if the country can be restructured to allow for state police and for every local government area to generate electricity, the country would be investors’ destination.

“If we can restructure this country and allow state police, I can assure you that security problem in Nigeria will be minimal. If we can create jobs for our youths, our problems would be solved, and like I said, my mandate is a little bit different from others,” the presidential hopeful stated.