TWPC Trains Corporate Organisations, Others on Customer Service

Ugo Aliogo

The Work Place Centre (TWPC) Limited has trained corporate organisations and business owners on the use of technology in driving customer service experience.

Speaking Wednesday in Lagos at the CARM 2018 Masterclass with the theme: ‘Evolving Customer Experience in a Digitalised World,’ the Managing Partner, TWPC, Bola Adeniyi-Taiwo, said the focus of the event was on the customer and how the customer experience was evolving in a digitalised world.

She also stated that as a company focused on using technology to drive human resources solutions, the TWPC is interested in seeing how technology is impacting customer experiences in Nigeria “and how the global impact is being to affect our operations in the country.”

Adeniyi-Taiwo explained that the expectation was that at the end, the firm would be able to inculcate into the country, a customer service culture, understanding the importance of technology and getting organisations to start to think about the customers; getting organisations to see customer service as an essential part of their operations, in spite of technology and the changes it brings.

In his remarks, the keynote speaker, Shep Hyken, said the customer has an expectation and regardless of whatever technology they are using, “whether a channel, social media channel, chat box, or phone call, every customer has a different expectation based on the channel.”

He also noted that the goal of an organisation was to meet the expectation of the customer, stating that as an organisation rolls out different technologies, they must access and measure, “what they need to do and what the expectations are.”

Continuing, Adeniyi-Taiwo added: “We started this initiative in 2015 with the arrival of Shep Hyken. The beautiful of the programme is that we have always looked at a theme that is relevant every year. The theme relevant for this year is technology and how it is impacting customer experiences.

“We are expecting that by next year, we will be talking about different subjects. The first time we came in, we talked about amazing your customers and a year after we have involved the topic around customer experiences and how technology and innovation are going to make those experiences different.

“Once we have our participants onboard, we follow up with them because a lot of them are our clients and they have become our new clients thereafter. Therefore, the conversation continues from here.

“We make sure they are part of our training programmes after here because they have participated in this, we do give them huge discounts on our training. Then we have a conversation around this all the time with them and the new clients who are joining for the first time will be part of that. We have seen a huge difference.”

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