Audacious Toke Makinwa


Radio personality and television host, Toke Makinwa, sets social media on fire with a picture of herself completely naked for an advertisement campaign, writes Bennett OghifoToke

Makinwa is evidently daring. This radio personality would do anything to promote ‘brand Toke’.” In a recent Instagram post, the 33-year-old stripped naked for an advertisement, revelled in the glow of her skin, while saying she has nothing to hide. “When you glow there is nothing to hide #InvestinyourGlow,” she captioned the post.

The nude picture is causing a big stir among her fans and critics. While some asked for complete disclosure or something a little more satisfying, others called for the outright scrapping of the nude picture from her Instagram wall.

Toke’s most strident critics believe the bestselling author of On Becoming, actress, award-winning multi-media personality, (Radio, TV and Youtube), would do anything to attract attention and that this was the height of it all, or will she take the ultimate step and show it all?

Some called on her to “show it all,” like kim Kardashian and one person actually said after seeing the picture, he would die a happy man.

As at the last count, her nude picture has attracted over 54,275 likes: There is no inkling that Toke is about to say sorry for her nude pose, certainly not, because, for one, the gist in town is that the money she got is good.
Contentious Toke was once married to a fitness specialist, Maja Ayida. She separated from him following a scandal revealing he had impregnated his ex-girlfriend.

The 33-year-old recently cried out that she wishes she had a man to go home to. “Times like this guys, I wish I had a man to get home to. A man to kick it with, just chat about work and other times I just grab the remote control and watch TV,” she said.