Ad takes Another Dimension with In- Taxiads in Nigeria


Mary Nnah

Advertisement has taken another dimension in Nigeria with the entrance of an exceptional taxi advertisement format, which comes in digital taxi headrests device showing information/entertainment for customers’ viewing pleasure as they journey to their various destinations.

According to its Chief Executive Officer, Miss Aminat Ayeni, In-Taxi Adverts, is an advertising agency that provides service for companies that are looking to employ taxi marketing techniques as tactics in their marketing strategy to get the full exposure they require.

Speaking during the launch of the initiative and signing of a memorandum with its partner, Moving Train Pilots Association (MOTPA), in Lagos recently, Ayeni explained that as an innovative advertising company in Nigeria, In-Taxiads is set to give brands maximum exposure of their contents to their targeted audience.

“In-Taxiads is digital adverts running inside taxis; we deal with taxis all over Nigeria. The drivers are actually brand ambassadors so you can advertise just anything inside the taxis – whether you sell cloths, do wigs, you have a new video, you are a politician or anything, we are here to advertise your brands just to be sure you get more popular, make more money and get your point across to the general public”, she said.

Ayeni noted further that aside being poised to strategies with creativity; In-Taxiads will also grant employment to many in a country of about 197 million people, where 61.6 per cent which occupies half of the population, are unemployed, adding, “We are also giving drivers opportunities to earn extra income as low as 600/day every day to add to their daily income.”

She explained further that In-Taxiads is fashioned in such a way that it allows businesses to leverage their advertisement campaigns in an innovative and entertaining way. The digital taxi headrests are mounted onto the back of the headrests at passenger eye level and play a round of broadcast style advertisement.

Taxis with In-Taxiads are located at vantage areas where the masses patronise taxis and are primarily affiliated with MOTPA, a registered professionals association with over 2,500 drivers.

“First thing first we want to ensure everybody is safe and that we do not have the issues of kidnapping and stolen items in course of the ride, that is why we are partnering with an organisation like MOTPA because they can be trusted but notwithstanding, any body that is interested in being a part of In-Taxiads, would directed to MOTPA so that there is some check and balance work that would have been done on individuals before they are accommodated fully to be the In-Taxiads ambassadors”, Ayeni said further.

Explaining the reason for the partnership with In-taxiads, president of MOTPA, Mr. Timothy Adelaja said this is to affect positively the businesses and products that are registered under the platform.
Adelaja who revealed that the association has over 50 thousand clients, who engage drivers from the association on a daily basis, added, “The 2,500 drivers are not just doing businesses in Lagos alone; products that come under the In-taxiads platforms also are displayed to all the geo-political zones in the country.”