Nollywood’s Aneke Twins Bubbling @ 32


Nollywood identical twin actresses, Chidimma and Chidiebere Aneke exude great style and personality. They are talented, confident, charming, fashionable and expressive. After hitting stardom for a well interpreted  role in  Nollywood blockbuster movie, “Desperate Twins” in 2004, they have since become a sought-after artistes by movie enthusiasts and the attraction of the soft media, lighting up the acting skies with their talent. For the award-winning Aneke twins, as they are popularly called, who clocked 32 on August 6, life has offered them beyond fulfillment even as the land is green for greener opportunities, writes Omolabake Fasogbon 

Expressing their priceless love for each other on their social media pages during the week, one cannot but be convinced that true love still exists among siblings, especially for unique souls that are united by birth, the twins.

Twins they say have a special bond, they feel safer with each other than with their peers. Examining the quote of the legendary playwright, Williams Shakespeare which says “So, we grew together like a double cherry, seeming parted, but yet a union in partition, two love berries in one stem”, the Shakespearian quote is not far from describing the persons and bond that existed between  Chidimma and Chidiebere Aneke who are each other’s best confidant. Their recent post on the social media further proves this. “My cute twin sister @realchidiebereaneke a friend I can never stop thinking about. My one and only angelic sister who has always been my funny companion,” Chidimma wrote.

Replying, Chidiebere wrote, “Today, I want to tell you how much I love you, I’m so glad I grew up with, You made the tears easier, and the laughter more joyful”.

Born on August 6, 1986 in Enugu State, the last issue in Aneke family of five have seen and experienced many sides of life even at their youthful age being raised by their widowed mother, after the untimely demise of their father. But that is not an excuse to occupy the lowest rung of the social ladder.

In the history of the Nigerian movie industry, theirs present a unique feature of originality, a most desired quality in the movie world, whereby a biological twin in actual sense acts as a biological twin, and not just created to make it look so. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons for their meteoric rise to fame in a highly competitive industry. 

At a much younger age, Chidimma and Chidiebere have always wished for a career in acting even though they have a potential in modelling considering their physique. They set out for acting in 1999, with the intervention of their elder sister. They first appeared in a movie titled Ebuka, the fantastic feedback propelled them to explore the industry further. 

Like a dream, their role in Nollywood blockbuster movie, “Desperate Twin” led them to stardom and earned them a nomination for Most Promising Acts to Watch at the African Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards.

For them, this is an illusion gradually making way for reality, hence put in more efforts for the picture to become clearer. Ever since, it has been opportunities following opportunities. The reward for their hardwork was their appearance in over 60 Nollywood movies like: The Scorpion God, Jealous Friends and Revenge of the Gods. This further brightens their hope in the industry.

As one who has God’s back, supported by their mother’s prayer altar, Chidinma and Chidiebere in three decades and two years of their lives, have achieved what can be said to be a lifetime achievement for some others. 

Within a short time they hit the spotlight, the Aneke twins were able to grace their career with their personal works that featured several A list artistes. Some of these works included: Queen of the Heart, Onochie and Back to Basis. 

Apparently, being products of education which is also giving them an edge in their chosen career, they pointed out that the movie ‘Back to Basis’ was their own way of encouraging all to get education, as they say, “Back to Basis touches on the need for education in the society. Knowledge is imperative in one’s life, because where there is lack of knowledge, failure is bound to override success”. The film was supported by Nollywood Project Act, an initiative of the Goodluck Jonathan’s administration.

Though, they might not be the Bill Gates of this world even though they have a glaring potential to be one, for the little they have gathered, they are more than contented and are impacting generations.

“We are contented with our level of growth. In life, you don’t have to struggle to be like another person. Instead, you should live your live to the glory of God and await his wind of glory. There are wealthy people who are not healthy, why would anyone bother to kill himself or herself because of worldly things. Honestly, we don’t buy clothes or material things on credit.”

In giving back to the society, the delectable twins are equally not behind. Their gesture further buttress the saying that one doesn’t need to own the whole world before helping the needy to find solace. Asides using their movies to effect a positive change in the society, they are also impacting lives with other resources and majorly through the “Aneke Twins Foundation”, which has been dedicated to humanitarian works and giving succour to the less priviledged. This is why, for them, August 6 means more than the obvious. A time to look back and appreciate their creator for another opportunity of life, a time  to rejoice, a time to brace up for new challenges, a time to strategise on how to add new feathers to their cap and more importantly, a time to think about and  give back to the society .

One startling attribute of these beautiful lass is their unassuming nature and commitment to God’s work, a way of life they say they inherited from their mother. Does it surprise you to know that the Enugu-born ladies took up a voluntary cleaning job in the house of God? Indeed, this has been a routine they keep every weekend. Looking down on status and fame, cleaning and arranging God’s sanctuary is what they do not for the praise of man or God, nor for the reward of it. This according to them has been their survival secret. 

As for fashion, theirs is peculiar. More interesting to know is the twins’ love for and respect for culture. It is in the same attitude that they voted for locally-made textile and design, especially Aba made Designs. This is not because they lack the wherewithal for trendy designs but their belief in the superiority of Nigerian endowment.  Without mincing words, Aneke twins rock in their local outfits which they say are usually made by Annecouture and Afam Elite Designs here in Nigeria. They also seem to be unique in their choice of hairstyle which they simply create themselves. This is not surprising as they already acquired hairdressing skills when they were much more younger, to support their struggling mother when the going got  tough.

Truly, their love for fashion is incontrovertible but they are not fashion extremists. While fashion to them is not about what one wears or the facial looks, it is about the inside of a man.

“Fashion is not about what you wear or your facial looks. You know that there are people with beautiful faces, but have wicked hearts”, they pointed out.

Rewarding their fashion perspectives, in 2017, they were awarded Most Fashionable Twins of the year during the Coal City Fashion and Design Week that held in Enugu. Not just that, they also got the Nolly Wood Excellence and Leadership Award, NELAS Award Hall of Fame honour.

Although not married, they are definitely looking up to the experience someday. Despite their single status, they speak the language of marriage that one would ordinarily think they have been married for years. In their words, not being married now is not because men are not coming but those showing up may probably not have been the Mr. Right ordained by God. It is part of their wish to get married on same day, but ultimately, to find happiness in the life’s long journey.

Sharing their view on marriage, Chidiebere once said: “Marriage is sacred! It is better for me to break courtship than marriage. Our mother didn’t divorce her husband until we lost our father. So, we want to emulate her good virtues of living a peaceful and lovable life with our husbands. Honestly, we need to understand the purpose of marriage which includes love, friendship, patience, trust and tolerance. Some marriages break because the couples don’t see each other as friends and soul mates. Couples should treat their spouses like their flesh and blood. Sincerely, if you truly love someone, you would hardly hurt that fellow. But our society of today celebrates divorce more than marriage. It’s not about wealth or look, but it takes a lot of commitment to stay married.

The twin, like any other person, has their low moments, but that could not have deterred them from getting to the moon. So far one abides by the principle of ‘patience, hardworking, fear and love for God, Challenges are just mere stepping stone to greatness.