Falcon Golf Partners Ikoyi Ladies’ Section for Summer Children Golf Clinic


Falcon Golf Development Company (FGDC), golf sponsor and organising outfit made good its promise to support the game of golf at the grassroots level with its backing of Ladies Section for  2018 Summer Golf Class which was rounded up on Friday.

The event which attracted over 60 players drawn from within and outside the club saw the kid golfers put through the basics and rudiment of the game.

Anchored by professional golfers attached to the section, the kid players were put through the various aspects of the game from gripping techniques, chipping, driving, putting, among others.

Impressed by the outcome, the section’s Lady Captain, Candy Agu who oversees the clinic restated her commitment to encouraging young ones to take to the sport while thanking FGDC for its support.

Meanwhile, the Chief Executive Officer of FGDC, Remi Olukoya said he would continue all he can to support golf at the grassroots level. 

While explaining his decision to support the 2018 Summer Golf Clinic, Olukoya said he is a strong believer in the fact that the best way to grow the game of golf is by attracting kiddies into it at their very early ages.

“Golf, as you know, is very technical and so you need to start early to be able to compete at the highest level. Our inability to catch these young lads in their prime is one of the reasons why Nigeria has not been able to produce the likes of Tiger Woods. So, I said I will put this on myself and do whatever I can to support junior golf event anywhere in this country,” he said. Olukoya added that a proof of that desire was what made him back the just concluded clinic in Ikoyi.