Nigerian Art to Take Centre Stage at Chinese Exhibition


Solomon Elusoji

Artistic pieces from Nigeria will be one of the highlights at the 11th Changchun Folk Art Exhibition, which is currently being held in Changchun, the capital and largest city of Jilin Province in North-East China. The exhibition, which started August 9 and will run till to August 13, will include a delegation of more than 30 Nigerians.

The Nigerian part of the exhibition promises to focus on certain historical aspects of the country’s art, including Nok, Ife and Benin art.

According to a promotional document obtained from the organisers, Nigeria is regarded as “Africa’s cultural cradle.”

The document further stated, “Since its independence, cultures like modern art, folk literature, music, dance, painting and so on have developed rapidly.

“Among them, Nigeria’s wood sculpture, textile, painting and bronze wares are most distinctive. Nigeria’s sculpture art represents the essence of African sculpture art and embodies the deft wisdom of its black ancestors.”
Another part of the exhibition will focus on Nigerian weaving and butterfly paintings. “Nigerian butterfly paintings are unique,” the organisers said.

The Changchun Folk Art Exhibition is formally named China (Changchun) International Folk Art Fair (CCIFAF).
The 10th edition, last year, was supported by the Chinese folk art industry and was part of China’s “One Belt and One Way” initiative, which served as a guiding ideology for the exhibition.

The “One Belt and One Way” initiative is designed to promote cooperation and mutual understanding among nations of the world.