When Lady Apostle Helen Ukpabio Stormed Abuja


Obong Akpaekong

Whereas there are many deliverance ministers in the country and, indeed, parts of the world, a good number of them lack the needed insight to the spiritual problem and if it is demonic problem, the kind of demon they want people delivered from. They hardly know the name or nature of the demon. Neither do they understand the operational realm or the dimensions of activities of the demons that they want to cast out of people. This makes what should be their best deliverance outings, either a haphazard job or a complete mockery of the high calibre spiritual exercise.

It is not so with Lady Apostle Helen Ukpabio, the founder of Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries, with headquarters in Calabar. A sufficiently experienced Bible teacher and a unique vessel for deliverance, Ukpabio knows these spirits by their names, nature and realms of operation and is known to possess the know-how of bringing to subjection such spirits as Leviathan, Belial and even Lucifer, the chief agent of Satan, who is believed to be the supervisor of other spirits and agents of Satan. Ukpabio knows her onions.

“It is our calling, task and mandate to deliver the possessed, oppressed, troubled, afflicted, obsessed and captives.” The above, boldly printed on the 2018 calendar of her church, vividly explains the degree of her restlessness when it comes to delivering people from dimensions of spiritual, environmental and human related problems.

It was the turn of residents of Abuja, Nigeria’s Capital Territory, FCT, in the five days of June 19 to 24, when Ukpabio, taking a cue from the work of Jesus, taught the people of Karu area the word of God, cast demons out of many and delivered children, youth, men and women from the shackles of a variety of satanic attack.

During those five days in Karu, marine spirits came under heavy attack and defeat. It was simply amazing watching the lady apostle issue instructions to demons that were manifesting in people. “Walk back the way you came”. “Crawl as your nature is” and to a shouting and noise-making demon-possessed, “Remain silent henceforth.” The demons would instantly obey – begin to crawl on the ground, move away jumping or responding in any other manner according to instruction.

Also, people in the occults were let off their bondage of fear and insecurity. Witches were set free. Long-standing victims of marine spirits were delivered. People who were not making progress in life as a result of ancestral or evil family altars, were not left out. It was all celebration for families and individuals that attended the near week-long Karu encounter.

Since the beginning of the year, Ukpabio has travelled to many parts of the country teaching people the word of God, ministering salvation, reviving the faith in believers and conducting deliverance. Before arriving the FCT, she had carried out similar deliverance for people in Lagos and Calabar with many testifying of how God set them or their own free from demonic attacks that they claimed were responsible for poor health, financial bondage, backwardness in life and failure in many of their endeavours including career and family.

Oluchi Offor, a member of the Karu branch of Liberty Gospel Church, expressing her joy over the series of deliverance procedures that Ukpabio carried out in the area said:

“Thank you so much for a day like this and for Lady Apostle Helen Ukpabio. Thank you for my family’s deliverance. Lord it shall be permanent in Jesus Name”.

A deliverance minister of international acclaim, emboldened by the special gift of discernment of spirits, the trial and error method of deliverance that decorades many such exercises in churches does not apply in Ukpabio’s case. It must be added that her deliverance programmes are preceded by a teaching session that basically prepares the mind and creates the needed atmosphere for the miracle.

Over the years, Ukpabio has indeed been instrumental to the expression of positive change in the destinies of men, women and children across the climes through her target deliverance packages. It is this masterly approach to the conduct of deliverance from demonic powers and forms of satanic influences that has made her a much sought after minister in Nigeria and elsewhere around the world.