Ecobank Restate Commitment to Creative Industries


Ecobank has announced that it sponsored the launch of the French Season of African Cultures 2020 in Lagos, Nigeria.

The event which was attended by Emmanuel Macron, President of France recently, took place at the New Afrika Shrine .

Macron told the audience at the event that he was determined to champion a new narrative about how Africa was perceived.

“When I say we need new narratives, what I mean is that we need you people to make these narratives. I see a new generation of artistes, of entrepreneurs, of people coming from civil societies, of journalists, of intellectuals coming from Africa and explaining, speaking about Africa in Europe and everywhere” he had explained.

On his part, the Managing Director, Ecobank, Charles Kie said, “President Macron’s support is indicative of African cultures’ growing international influence. Whether it be blockbuster films such as Black Panther, our global superstars in the music industry, our artworks in the top international auction houses, our models gracing the premier fashion catwalks, or our dance and our food, Africa’s culture is having a huge impact on the global stage.

“Africa’s creative industries are a vital ingredient of our continent’s economies in our relentless pursuit of increased diversification and global competitiveness.”