Yinka Olatunbosun

Medley, a 20 year-old singer-songwriter, was discovered in 2013 by a serial entrepreneur, Lucky Igbokwe otherwise known as Don Lulu. Before that discovery, Medley was a church boy, playing around with drums, keyboard and several other musical instruments. After completing his secondary school education, he focused on making music a full-time profession.

Unpleasant stories about how record deals fail are everywhere. Still, Medley realises that a new artiste needs guidance and financial support to have a music breakthrough which a record label often offers. More importantly, the artist needs discipline to manage success when it comes. Medley finds such mentor in Don Lulu. The latter has an impressive profile in music business having signed Morachi, Yeka and others on his 2Flame Entertainment label.

Medley’s single, “Last Bus Stop’’ enjoyed good measure of airplay in Nigeria as Medley charges forth with renewed energy to produce more hit songs within the pop and traditional R&B genres. Medley is a young man of few words. At a recent encounter with him, his manager and promoter, he maintained a calm disposition while he allowed others to speak about his works and talent. His new song titled, “Story Don Change” draws upon his personal journey to mainstream music scene and the transformation that came when he signed the music contract with 2Flame Entertainment.

“The song is about gratitude and appreciation. It is a testimony. It is my story on how God gave me a life-changing record deal,” Medley explained. For Don Lulu, there are many talents to be nurtured in Nigeria. As a United Nations Mayor for Peace, he understands the connection between human capacity development and poverty eradication.

“The music industry is yet to be tapped,” he said. “There’s no structure yet. I want to position it so that it can have a lot to offer to the world. Most artists are difficult to manage. They usually have a short mileage in the business. We want to use our artistes to teach others discipline.”

Having worked with Medley for a couple of years, he could say a lot about his temperament and attitude to work. “He is a multi-instrumentalist. He is good and humble and he knows what he is doing,” he added.

Medley’s manager, Prince Onyekachi spoke on the great prospect ahead for the R&B singer.

“We’re going to make him a world class talent. He is exceptional talented and versatile. I am so excited that 2Flame has given him the platform to express his talent,” he said. The artist, also referred to as “Oluwamedley” appropriates some elements of culture matched with ingenuity to render most of his songs.