Death is never endearing. It is never splendid or replete with bliss. Thus everywhere it visits, it devastates, like the brute end of a bloody saber. At its intrusion in the world of Halima, widow of the late Dehinde Fernandez, it flipped the ravishing lady inside out and rendered her a pathetic husk of her former vibrant self. It brought her interminable pain and heartache but as you read, Halima has rediscovered her path to hope and vivacity.

She has dragged through the deepest cycles of grief. Clawing through desolateness and pain, she has emerged stronger and radiant like the proverbial parson who has made peace with her grief, after a lifetime of hurt. As you read, brilliant spokes of bliss and innate peace beam from Halima, like the incandescent shine that bleeds through the clouds and bathes the night in a promising dawn. The popular socialite has decided to make the best of what life has thrown her way. Hence her bright smiles are back and her optimistic and infectious personality revitalised after a long spell of gloom.

Indeed, no one wishes to be buried with the corpse of a loved one, no matter how deeply they were in love with each other. At the end, after the crying and mourning is over, everybody moves on; like Halima has moved on. Having mourned her late husband for a while, the beautiful socialite is back on the grind and she doesn’t look like she will lose steam or quit anytime soon. But she recently re-emerged on the social media with update of a beautiful picture on her social media platform.