Amaju Pinnick, Just Go


You see, me I don’t know how to hide my mouth and that is why I am the Duke of Shomolu. This is not about the fact that the other day, I greeted you at the Mobil Filling station on Awolowo Road in Ikoyi and you snubbed me. I just looked at you and walked away.

Yes, there is some level of bad belle there but the honest truth is that I personally think that the time has come for public officials to learn how to take responsibility instead of applying glue on their seats even when they really have no idea of what is needed to effect capable leadership. Even without the court decision, doesn’t Amaju himself know that after the World Cup failure, that he should resign and go back to Warri and try his hands on more productive ventures like farming or fishing.

Me, I am not in support of Dalung or that person who is running around in a gestapo fashion for a position he would most likely turn into a platform for comedic imbecility like my brother obahiagbon would say. But the fact that Amaju must be a man and true leader by falling on his sword and just go without prompting. Abi, can’t we see all the other people who are all resigning as they fall out of the competition. Our own will still be fighting to sit down to do what only God knows what. Abeg, just go and let us clear our eyes.

At least we took a small piece of the cake, selling our Jerseys worldwide and distracting our players who instead of focusing on football, were turned into super models and fashionistas. Football is a huge revenue earner and a great platform for national cohesion and leaving the sport to jokers like Pinnick and this amateurish Giwa will continue to deny Nigeria the immense benefits that come with a powerful exploitation of the opportunities that come with the game. Amaju, there is no other language I can say it again, just go.

MIKEL OBI, is This true?

Aghhhh, you know me I really do not understand social media especially that one they call Instagram. But I saw a notice posted by the Colin Udoh who was also in Russia with you that you went on the pitch to face the almighty Messi four hours after receiving a phone call that your Papa had been kidnapped. Mbok, if that is not strength, what else is. Kai, Mbok, accept my sincere apologies for abusing and castigating your below per game not knowing what you were going through. I would have run stark naked on that pitch, sat in the centre and invite the whole world to come and share my grief o. What kind of country is this na. I thank God that at least the state did not fail you as I have seen pictures of your rescued father. But then again, why would such a high profile papa be driving without escorts in that kind of car along such a treacherous road? Is that not recklessness? We thank God sha that everything went well and you still went ahead to fight for your fatherland. For that, you remain a true Hero. I have posted your picture in my bathroom, replacing that of Cossy Orjiakor who used to be the source of my morning inspiration. This is so that each morning as I take my bath, I would look into your face and draw mental strength. You are truly a great Nigerian.


As I was about to write this, I saw a news feed claiming that Adams Oshiomole, the new Chairman of the APC, had sacked you as Director General of the Buhari Campaign. If this is true, then it is a good thing. The other week, I saw you at the party the American Embassy held in honour of their National day. You looked happy as you went around greeting dignitaries, including my humble self and for once I liked you. But the matter on ground is not about my liking you or not; it is the value you will be bringing to the table as we move towards the elections. If you ask me, I think your time in the sun is over and as you can see with the way Wike bundled you out of Rivers State. It will be just best for you to contemplate a back seat in an advisory capacity and let us look for a more powerful figure to play this role.

See my brother, Buhari faces very clear and almost insurmountable challenges as he moves towards the elections with the way he has sleepily ran the government. As such, to make any credible inroad barring an unacceptable use of the power of incumbency is to have real soldiers who are on ground pushing his agenda. My brother, if you cannot deliver South-south with people like Akpabio, Ibori and Wike on ground, is it North-east with Atiku or North-central with Saraki or South-east that you will deliver? I am sure it is this that Oshiomole is looking at, hence his alleged decision to sack you if it is true. Well, if by Saturday, he has not done the right thing, I will reach out to him and insist on your sack.

Please do not take this personal, it is in the quest for an exciting and very enjoyable electioneering process. We could find something for you that will be less volatile; maybe you should consider replacing your brother Amaju at the NFF. Na my birthday o, make I no come look for baba trouble o. Roti pepe, I don run ooooooo.


I am still in shock. Did the police just protest in Borno? Did they just protest the non-payment of their six month salary or is it allowances. Kai, if I talk now, they will be pursuing me up and down o. what is this na. How can we send people to such a hot bed and refuse to pay them their salaries and allowances for whatever reason and yet we will be blowing siren everywhere and making noise. If this is true, then it is really not fair and very dangerous.

Those policemen who carried out that protest we have been told are nothing but very patriotic, for they could have unleashed untold mayhem on the citizenry, but like we have been told, they barricaded the road and marched to the headquarters to register their grievances. My Lord, this type of thing is quite embarrassing and no excuse can justify not paying people who have been sent to risk their lives on a daily basis their allowances.

Please note that the Boko Haram people are being paid as and when due most likely. I am sure they are even giving them salary advance sef hence their passion and enthusiasm. Sir, kindly let’s make police welfare priority, let’s be a little bit more creative my Lord. Don’t let this ever repeat itself o. kai.

The Duke is 49

By the time you read this, I would have celebrated my 49th birthday. Passing the UN life expectancy for a Nigerian male is no mean feat. I have survived o and I am happy. I am healthy and my activities in the other room are still very commendable from the feedback I am getting from the Duchess. I have no police problem except once in a while when they stop me for ‘’particulars’’, no health challenge and no serious financial issues except the usual ones we all face. So, in all, it has been a good life so far and we thank God. Maybe I should write another book or just do a duet with Davido nevertheless, I am happy and I thank God. Thank you.