Like still waters turned bubbling sea, Iara Oshiomhole is back. The beautiful wife of Adams Oshiomhole, former governor of Edo State and new chairman of APC, is back on the grind and it doesn’t look like she will lose steam or quit anytime soon. The permanent feature at a series of high society soirees in the past seem set to rekindle her spark with uncharacteristic vitality and panache so much that hardly anyone would remember she had at one time or the other disappeared from the scene. And to make good her pursuit, she recently stole the show at the APC convention last weekend in Abuja. She was the cynosure of all eyes, as she looked resplendent in her perfectly cut attire and infectious smile.

Back in the days when her husband held sway over Edo politics like a medieval emperor, the couple became the darling of the state’s high society and their house automatically became a Mecca of sorts for political jobbers, hangers-on and favour-seekers. But immediately after his tenure expired, she went into her anonymous cocoon. Rumour distributors and retailers came up with acerbic news. They claimed that the couple had exhausted their love for each other. They drew inferences from half-truths or flimsy realities that wouldn’t stand the test of logic or superior reasoning. For instance, they argued that when the passion was hot and love was young between them, Adams and Iara attended every event together. The makers of mischief insinuated that love seemed to have waned between the couple and their passion for each other had ebbed to barely imperceptible degree.

Some people said she had retreated into her anonymous cocoon because she was pregnant. Others argued that their marriage had simply run its full course. They claimed that the lady had gone back to her country, having had her fill of the groove. The latter’s elevated public office and clout was the only thing she found attractive about him, they said. However, reality is very different from the pictures of pain and bleak reality painted by haters of the ex-Edo governor and his trophy wife. People who should know however, confirmed that Adams is too much in love with the woman to let go of her. The couple got married in 2015, in a two-part grand wedding ceremony held in Edo State, Nigeria and the bride’s homeland, Cape Verde. Now, according to her apologists, Iara is back in town, mischief-makers can go and take a running dive.