Boska Holds Pain Free Day in Agege


Martins Ifijeh

Major Pain killer Company, Dexa Medica, makers of Boska has taken its Pain Free Day initiative to Agege as part of plans to help consumers stay fit.

Speaking during the campaign, the Senior Brand Executive, Dexa Medic, Tunde Ojedokun said the PFD edition was specially designed to keep consumers healthy given the rainy season, adding that he was confident that Dexa Medica will continue to improve the delivery of quality healthcare for consumers in the months ahead.

“This was an opportunity for consumers to see health experts who provided full range of health services for free. They gave free eye glasses to those in need as well as prescribed drugs to treat eye, ear and nose defects.”

The event was attended by hundreds of market users and residents from communities of Agege market as attendees were equipped with health tips to stay strong during the rainy season.

“From qualitative findings, we observed that 70 per cent of consumers often catch the flu during rainy season resulting in body breakdown if not attended to,” he said.