Cardiovascular Disease: Group to Build Hospital, Research Centre in Abuja


Contec Global, a multinational conglomerate has concluded arrangement to collaborate with a world class Health Managers and Specialists based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), to address the current wave of heart and cardiovascular related diseases in the country by setting up similar Hospital and Research Centre in Abuja.

Barring any unforeseen hiccup, the investor behind one of Nigeria’s laudable humanitarian projects said it is expected that Nigerians and foreigners will start accessing the services of the health project before the end of first quarter of 2019.

The Chairman and Founder of the company, Dr. Benoy Berry, a reputed global entrepreneur, who made the disclosure during a stakeholders meeting in Abuja advised that Nigerians cannot rely on government alone to provide the holistic and proactive solution to the health challenges besetting the country, even as he pledged to scout for Nigerian heart specialists across the globe to contribute their quota in driving the project.

Dr. Berry called on well to do Nigerians and foreigners to rescue the nation from the recent upsurge of heart related disease as according to him, he has witnessed within weeks the death of prominent Nigerians to ailment that could have been averted with proper investment in health sector, stressing, the research centre will be like a teaching hospital where young doctors can acquire specialized knowledge in heart and cardiovascular related diseases.

He said: “It is even more regrettable that the money spent on medical tourism which runs into billions of dollar in foreign exchange if properly channelled through investment in health facilities across the country would have assisted in solving the present ‘epidemic’. It is sad that a renowned publisher of a national daily, a law maker in Akwa Ibom and top government official also in Lagos States were cut in their prime due largely to the dearth of specialists in this area of medicine.”

According to him, it unfortunate that Nigeria is losing talents and well able bodied men and women to sudden death triggered by heart related diseases, adding that he has invested over N2 billion through establishing bio-solution fertilizer plants across the country for the production of organic crops to enhance optimum health.

He said: “Our company has not only invested in tissue culture for organic food devoid of chemicals, but empowering Nigerian farmers through the deployment of the AfriOne handset and tablet device technology built with software to make farming a business rather than the drudgery culture associated with traditional farming methods.

The promoter of the hospital and research centre however called on government to make more sacrifice for the health sector in the subsequent financial appropriation, even though the World Health Organization target or threshold may not be reached.

On how much has been budgeted for the projects, he said it will be too early and in fact difficult to quantify the final cost implication for the project because of the running inflation and the high cost of procuring foreign exchange, expressing happiness that a suitable land has secured for the commencement of work.