‘Visionless Leaders are Problem Magnifier, Not Solvers’


Sunday Okobi

The Deputy General Overseer of the Gospel Faith Mission International (GOFAMINT), Dr. Emmanuel Oluwayemi, has called on Nigerians to always look out for leaders with vision, “because any leader without a vision cannot envisage solution in anything he or she embarks on, instead, he or she would magnify it.”

The cleric made this admonition recently during his three-day working visit to Region 12 of the GOFAMINT in Lagos, where he said: “When the blind leads the blind, they all fall into a pit. Vision is the driver and propelling force of a leader. A visionary leader sees an obstacle as a stepping stone to greatness.”

In his prophetic teaching, Oluwayemi said: “To attain success in life and ministry, vision must be the watchword which should ignite the fire of passion that fuels the commitment of a determined leader.”

The Pastor attributed the success of any visionary leader to five major specifics: “The vision of God; which is God’s holiness and who He is, hatred for sin and God’s desire for all ministers and leaders to live holy, which would ultimately lead to success in their ministerial endeavour. The vision of yourself is of course pertinent in leadership because after having a right vision of God, a leader needs to have a vision of who he is in Christ, otherwise, such leader would be ministering from negative perspective.

“The vision of the work. One’s understanding of the work, the one who sent you, the urgency it deserves, the need to get it done and cover one’s territory will drive any minister of God and any leader to seriousness and motivation to do the work. In essence, the vision of one’s family must be paramount if success must be achieved in ministry and life.”
He added however that the vision of heaven, of all, must be taken into cognizance of.

The Deputy General Overseer of GOFAMINT, however, seized the opportunity of the visit to pass a message across to the leaders at various levels, both private and public, that leadership is responsibility and accountability.

“Anybody in a position of leadership must be ready to serve and not to be served. Leaders must be accountable first to God and then to men who see certain things,” adding that “leadership is sacrifice and also nothing is achieved without losing anything.”
Oluwayemi noted that freedom fighters all through history sacrificed even their lives to gain freedom, therefore, and reiterated the fact that the specifics mentioned earlier must be adhered to if leaders would make a success in life and ministry.