By Vanessa Obioha

In a remarkable showdown, 10 year-old Chimdi Onuoha emerged winner of the recent edition of Miss Intelligent pageant. She beat over 200 children to clinch the coveted crown with a cash prize of N150,000. She was closely followed by Ogenna Chamberlain and Sheena Nkpa who landed in the first and second positions respectively.

The pageant which is a special feature of the biannual Kody and the Kids Show primarily focused on the intellect, poise and expression of the participants. Contestants were judged by their ability to intelligently provide answers to questions within an allotted time.

Other criteria used include choice of wears but were not necessarily based on the beauty standards formal beauty pageants are known for.
The May edition of the event took place at the Grandeur Events Centre marking the 11th episode since its inception five years ago. It drew an impressive turn out of parents and their children with an added sheen from celebrities like Harrysong and Lolo amongst others. The pageant captured the attention of kids who invested energy in games and rides, it was also a platform to make acquaintance among parents, further extending the relationship by their young ones on the playground.

Kody and the Kids also provided an opportunity for assessing artsy sportsmanship between students of different school through The Kids Schools Challenge, a themed drama competition for students from various schools. This enabled the students to give their signature performance within a stipulated period. However, the spotlight was fiercely snatched by the female contestants of the Miss Intelligent Pageant.

The event host Chikodi Onu-Etim, popularly known as, Kody highlighted the relevance of child rights in children with special needs, hinting that an inclusive environment would rouse their potential, she said:

“If you are able to identify your child’s special need, groom them from the start. They can still be who you want them to be. Some of them can be very artistic. They may gifted in other things. This event is open to every child.”