Honeywell Urges More Support for Youths


Managing Director, Honeywell Flour Mills Plc, Mr. Lanre Jaiyeola, has solicited private and public investment in activities that will promote youth development, to keep them off social vices. He also tasked youths to channel their skills and energy to ventures that will be productive to them and the society. This, he noted, will go a long way in solving social vices and make them have a direction to realise a dream by building a career.

Jaiyeola, speaking at the closing ceremony of the Honeywell-sponsored youth-based basketball competition in Lagos, stressed the importance of investment in youths, being the leaders of tomorrow, to make them more productive.

Honeywell, according to him, will continue to focus its corporate social responsibility on activities that promote skills development among youths in realising the importance of that age group to the nation’s socio-economic development. “At Honeywell Flour Mills, we are socially responsible organisation. We support good causes, especially causes that have to do with children. The company will try to support any good cause within our available resources, laudable causes that can take our country forward, help to develop our children in the area of sports, in academics,” he said.

Besides, he said in efforts to make the society feel the company’s impacts, “we have made basketball a choice, not just to discover talents, but also to build talents. Beyond that, it is also to remove the youths from the streets, from social vices and make them have a direction to realise a dream by building a career.”