How Sola Fola-Alade Draws Visiting Nigerians to His New London Church

It’s no longer news that the medical-doctor-turned-pastor, Dr. Sola Fola-Alade, has left the Trinity Chapel, a branch of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, which he led for over a decade and built to become one of the most attended Nigerian churches in London.

What is rather fresh is his establishment of a new church called The Liberty Church. And the new worship center is also gradually becoming a major attraction to many Nigerians and people of different nationals seeking a better place to grow in faith in the UK.

Thus, and unsurprisingly, the charismatic preacher has started welcoming good number of worshippers to the new church. And his sermons, which are said to be captivating and reassuring, are serving to reinforce positive beliefs.

Meanwhile, the knowledgeable preacher, also an author of several books on Christian life, leadership and business, is clearly looking beyond the London crowd as the only individuals deserving of powerful messages from the pulpit.
So, right from Nigeria, Fola-Alade has been deploying different creative means to draw more Christian faithful particularly Nigerians who are visiting or seeking to live in London to his church programmes.

First, it was some beautifully designed banners with boldly written inscriptions about the church targeting Nigerian travellers to London that donned the lampposts of some major roads in Victoria Island, Lagos.

As a follow up, the UK-based pastor held some special services in Lagos which had popular speakers and Christian singers in attendance and also used the opportunity to inform the crowd on the far exhilarating and fulfilling moments that await them at his base in London.

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