Ogbonnia, APC Presidential Aspirant Asks Party to Field Competent Candidate


Tobi Soniyi in Lagos
An All Progressives Congress’ presidential aspirant, Sylvester Kenechukwu Ogbonnia, has advised his party to field a more competent hand for the presidential election if it does not want to lose the election.

Ogbonnia, who spoke in Lagos yesterday said that it was time Nigerians rescued the country from the cabal which had been manipulating them using religion and ethnicity.

While calling on members of the APC to support his bid for the presidency, he said Nigeria remained backward because the cabal continued to hold the country to ransom.

He warned that voters might look past the APC if the party fails to present a more competent candidate for the presidential election.
He said he supported Buhari because he promised to be tough on corruption.

He said: “But, upon gaining power, the president was confused with legal jargons and meandering nuances of separation of power.”

Ogbonnia, who was formerly based in the United States said that Nigeria was not more corrupt ‎than USA, “the difference is that there are serious and immediate consequences for bad behaviour in the American country.”

He argued that it was not for lack of ideas or policies that Nigeria has remained underdeveloped, but for the absence of the political will and leadership to harness the resources to make the country great.

He contended that the country kept on struggling because good policies that would transform the country were not implemented.

“This failure has continued because there appears‎ to be no consequences for bad behaviour in our country. When three are no consequences for bad behaviour, such behaviour usually worsens,” he added.

Ogbonnia said that if elected president, he would implement Nigeria’s best policies and unleash the abundant potential of the country to greatness.

He said: “The ruling cabal will tell us that now is not the time. They will tell us that it is not the Igbo turn, because I happen to be Igbo. Or they will tell you it is not Yoruba turn or Hausa time or any ethnic group in focus.

“They will cling on region and religion to drive us so that they can continue to loot our country fry for selfish interests.

“We have some bad news for them. The Nigerian masses, particularly the youths, have become wiser, far wiser.

“They do not think of region or religion when they lose their loved ones, when they encounter bad, roads, epileptic power or fuel supply, poor health facilities, school fees, high unemployment etc.

“God’s willing, I will be the next president of Nigeria. I have what it takes to make Nigeria the envy of the free world. ‎Specifically, I know that Nigerian problem as well as the solution.

“Now it the time to implement Nigeria best policies so that the masses, particularly the youth, can be free, can have hope for a greater future.

Among other recommendations, Ogbonnia said he supported scrapping of the Senate to free resources that can be spent on education and healthcare.

He also supported a two-party system saying multiplicity of political parties weakened opposition and encouraged abuse of power.