Evolve Poised to Enhancing Lives for Better


Lagosians experienced a first of its kind week-long life changing wellness programme by a newly launched company, Evolve. It kicked off with a full day event featuring five international speakers with years of experience in the wellness and healing space.

At the launch event themed ‘Be Your Greatest Self’, the founder of Evolve, Ravina Kirpalani explained to the audience how to feel energetic every day so that life can be experienced as a joy.

Ruchi Khanna, Hypnotherapist, Vedic Astrologer, author and developer of Immersive Therapy amazed the participants with the real truth about who we are and how we could tap into our life’s purpose to achieve our greatest potential.

Also speaking, Ronak Gajjar educated the audience on how to include meditation and yoga into our day so as to bring more peace and love into our lives. He believe he could be resourceful to those who come to him for healing and personal development, the “mind-body” balance.

Hamisha Daryani Ahuja impressed the participants with the popular Law of Attraction, showing them some simple techniques to help create abundance in all aspects of our lives.

Sarah Boulos also demonstrated the brain dance, which triggers both sides of our brain boosting our energy levels and activating our senses.

The event was a week-long workshop. The participant had the chance to attend yoga sessions including blindfolded yoga and partner yoga; mediation sessions; as well as a variety of workshops covering topics such as health, stress relief, energy flow and attraction rituals.
Overall it was an enlightening experience that left the audience wanting more.

Evolve is a company with the mission of enhancing people’s live by helping them evolve personally and professionally; consequently giving them the ability to uplift those around them. The aim is to instill and amplify the values of confidence and success that should transcend throughout Nigeria.

To show Evolve’s commitment and contribution to the society, a percentage of the company’s earnings will be donated to various charitable groups and NGOs, to help the underprivileged and disabled.