So Far on Prof Abass’ Overseas Duty in Lagos


During his campaign for governorship of Lagos state in 2015, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode promised to create a government entity that will effectively oversee and vigorously unravel potential foreign investments and opportunities for the state to boost revenue and infrastructural development.

So upon his successful election and assumption of office in May 2015, the governor announced the creation of the Office of Overseas Affairs and Investment fondly called “Lagos Global” to undertake the aforementioned functions amongst other lofty foreign-focused goals.
And in choosing a good hand to manage the new government organ, Ambode went for a proven and tested expert in international affairs and global partnership in the person of Prof. Ademola Abass.

Abass is an accomplished scholar and administrator who has proven his worth in a globally renowned body like the United Nations amongst other meritorious engagements. He had his education at the Universities of Lagos, Nottingham and Cambridge, where he obtained a PhD in International Law.
Thus, in Abass, Ambode found a fitting round peg for a round hole. And the outcomes of Abass’ service in Lagos state so far have been tremendous.

Recently at a diplomatic function in Lagos, a senior diplomat from a top Western nation spoke glowingly about Lagos’ commitment to extract huge gains through Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), especially amongst Nigeria’s vast diaspora population and the state’s dedication to ease of doing business in the state which he alluded to the amazing undertakings of Abass’ office of Overseas Affairs and Investment.

Meanwhile, as it’s been said that considerable share of the $22 billion diaspora remittances to Nigeria in 2017 went to Lagos, it’s to be hoped that Abass’ office will deepen its diaspora-calling initiatives that will draw more international projects to Lagos.