Miracles were unable to save her marriage from the ravages of betrayal and an unfair world. Like a sea worn vessel crashing against the trunk of an iceberg, Pastor Anita’s marriage to Christ Embassy Founding Pastor, Chris Oyakhilome, steadily disintegrated to her dismay and consternation of church members. But through her sadness, Anita has seen a rare opportunity, a second chance to make her personal and romantic life more worthwhile. She understands that second chances are rarely given thus her eagerness to take it before time runs out.

As you read, Anita has quietly remarried. Her new name on her website is Anita Ebhodaghe-Schafer thus exciting speculations that she probably got married to a German. You couldn’t have forgotten so soon how her marriage to Chris crashed and was well celebrated in the media. Few months ago, in 2014 to be precise, the traditional and new media portals ran amok with news of the celebrity couple and pastors marital crisis.

Anita filed for divorce at Central Family Court, High Holborn, London, UK, citing her husband’s “unreasonable behaviour” and inappropriate relationships with members of staff, an intonation of “adultery.” Anita has finally moved on after their messy divorce reverting to her maiden name: again, Pastor or Ms. Anita Ebhodaghe. But since her divorce from Chris, she had never been short of male attention. Her recent name change however, suggests that she has been able to distinguish between noble suitors and typical horn-dogs lusting to get in between her thighs.