The Genesis Fashion Show: Grooming Teenagers for Fashion Revolution


Fashion is an ever-changing phenomenon which trend is usually determined by runways and the red carpet.  As models sashay through runways and celebrities step on red carpets, fashion trends are born.  Nude fashion is one of such trends. It has suddenly become fashionable to step out half naked- to flaunt what one has got.  The advent of the social media has not helped matters. With a myriad of uncensored nude images available by the click of a button, dress and grooming have never remained the same again.

However hopeless the situation may seem, a campaign is ongoing to reverse indecent fashion trends. At the vanguard of this campaign is the NEXTGEN; the Teen Church of RCCG, City of David, that organises an annual fashion show to teach teenagers that they can slay in decency and at the same time bring out the creativity in them. In his remark, the head teacher of the church, Gbenga Olaniyan said, “It has been said over and over again that teenagers and indeed every decent God fearing person, should dress properly. This does not mean dressing like a nun or being excessively prudish but means just being decent. Our annual slogan, ‘beauty in decency’ is a no brainer.”

The Genesis Fashion Show, in its fourth year, has consistently provided a platform for the reorientation of teenagers on the need to dress decently. It has also been a harvest ground for teenage talents in fashion designing, modeling, singing, event planning and hosting, photography and a host of other creative abilities. Through this platform, teenage entrepreneurs have emerged and many teenagers have discovered hidden talents.
The 2017 edition of the Genesis Fashion Show lived up to its billing and even surpassed all expectations.