My Wife’s Love for Me Has Doubled Since I Won Coca-Cola ‘Score a Trip to Russia’ Promo


Fasola Moruf Adeyinka, a football enthusiast and father of three is one of the lucky winners in the just ended Coca Cola ‘Score a Trip to Russia’ promo. He shares with Omolabake Fasogbon how luck smiled on him after a  one time try and how the nonalcoholic beverage brand has been able to fulfill his long-time dream through the initiative, among others

How did you get to know about the ‘Score a Trip to Russia ‘promo?
I  got to know about the promo on social media platforms and I was optimistic that I will win. Personally, I love coke, it’s my favourite. Anytime I’m stressed or feel weak, I don’t hesitate to reach out for a bottle of the cold drink. It’s my personal stress reliever. On this particular day, I was on my way home from work, being thirsty, I requested for a bottle of chilled coca-cola and didn’t forget to keep the crown. I later sent the code under the crown to 5453. The rest of the story is my testimony today. 

Did you ever imagine that you will visit Russia to watch the World Cup Live?
As a soccer fan, I have always longed for an opportunity to watch the World Cup live even though I am not buoyant enough to sponsor it. But this year, I was determined to go to Russia to watch the tournament either through sponsorship or with my money. So, when the opportunity came with Coca- Cola, I did not waste time to take advantage of it, as I strongly believed I will have my way. My instinct did not fail me after all. I am so happy.

For how many times did you attempt the promo before this win?
It may surprise you to know that I won at my first try, but that is the simple truth. The decision to take a bottle of Coke while returning from work on that fateful day has brought to fulfillment my longtime dream to watch live World Cup games. When the company broke the news to me, my joy knew no bounds. I was so excited because I am a strong fan of Super Eagles. I don’t miss any of their matches. This will be an opportunity to cheer them up live in Russia. Their performance in the friendlies has been wonderful and they have continued to play like a winning team.

Which of the Super Eagles players would you love to hang out with when you arrive in Russia?
Mikel Obi! He is a player I love so much and I’ve been longing to see him in person. In Russia, I would not only want to see him but also spend time with him. I have been following him since he was playing under 17 football. I admire him a lot.

What has changed about you since you were declared a winner in the promo?
A lot, I must confess. Immediately I was declared winner, everything about me changed naturally. I earn more respect from family and friends. In fact, as soon as I received the call, my level changed; even my children are yet to digest it. The three of them kept asking me why I am dancing. Despite how I tried to explain to them, they find it difficult to understand. Till today, my wife still expresses doubt if I actually won. However, her love for me has doubled as a result of the development.

What are your expectations when you get to Russia?
My desire is to meet the Super Eagles team. As a proud citizen of Nigeria, I promise to represent Nigeria well. Nigeria is usually associated with the negative, as I relate with other race, I will strive to change this impression about our country and be a positive model.

What word do you have for Coca-Cola?
All I just want to say is thank you, as I am short of words. I will not forget in a hurry this opportunity given me on a platter of gold. It remains a memorable one in my life. This alone, has brought smile on my face and joy to my family. I will also urge Nigerians to keep believing in the brand. It is a trusted brand that keeps its words.