Ex-Dep Gov Lawal Emerges LP Guber Candidate


Victor Ogunje in Ado Ekiti

A former deputy governor of Ekiti State, Dr. Sikiru Lawal, has been adopted as the Labour Party (LP) governorship candidate for the July 14 governorship election.

He has promised to allot 30 per cent of political appointments to the youth for them to exhibit their potentials.

Lawal was adopted through affirmation by party members, who described
him as an accomplished bureaucrat and politician who can deliver Ekiti from the pangs of poverty.

In his acceptance speech, Lawal agreed that though, Nigeria’s politics is monetised, he boasted that money will fail the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the coming election.

He said Ekiti is predominantly a civil service state that sustains the economy, adding that this is the first time the electorate will have the opportunity to elect a retired civil servant and that such window should not be bungled through misplaced voting.

He promised to place high premium on payment of salary if elected, clarifying that he can’t afford to suffer the workforce as a retiree and former council sole administrator.

Lawal added that his programme is anchored on a four-cardinal programme
tagged AWEH: Agriculture, Wealth Creation, Education and Health

“We are set to bring the real change to Ekiti. I know that our politics is monetised but money will fail these corrupt politicians on July 14.

“Apart from salary payments, I will take care of our elders, by putting in place effective safety nets to take care of our elderly, promote welfare of our students and make our women relevant in their

“I see no reason why a government should be owing nine months salary arrears in a state that is poor and depend on civil service.

“Our teachers, civil servants and local government staff should not miss this opportunity to elect one of them in this election,” he appealed.

He promised that his government shall have special policies that would take care of pensioners while contracts will be given to local contractors to boost trade and commerce as well as industrialise the state.

The former number two man said the traditional rulers shall be accorded their deserved respect, while 5 per cent allocation to them by each of the 16 council areas shall be given a first line charge for stability to be attainable in Ekiti towns and villages.

In the area of women development, Lawal stated: “35% affirmative action shall be strictly adhered to. We will give our women appointments and promote our widows through policies that would
palliate their sufferings and make them live full of abundance,” he said.