Breaking His Silence


Yinka Olatunbosun

Since 2006, Norbert Okpu has not held any solo exhibition. He was on a personal mission to find an authentic voice to make his artistic statements. Now that he has got one, he intends by May 12 at Terra Kulture in Victoria Island, Lagos to show his latest works in a solo exhibition, titled Breaking Boundaries.

Okpu, a visual artist, is not in the business of creating works to please collectors only. His paintings form his own contribution to societal change, starting with himself. There are a variety of issues raised in his new works, some of which seethe with underlying philosophical ideas. For instance, the poster painting titled, “Uneasy Lies the Head” displays a multitude of images of persons reaching upwards to a lone figure. The slouching position of that prominent figure in the painting reflects the overwhelming effect of having so much responsibilities to cater for.

In his artist statement, Okpu revealed how his works were executed through his use of a variety of media. “I work with different media including charcoal, oil colour, water colour, acrylic, fabrics, wood and found objects,” he explained.

“A critical view on social, political and cultural issues always form a major standpoint in my works. This exhibition is symbolic of the ideal nature of mankind and the need to enhance peace and communal living.”

One of his profound statements is made through the work titled, “Almost There’’ which shows an expectant woman with her baby bump. It seeks to communicate the patience and perseverance involved in the process of child birth. With focus on the joyful outcome, a pregnant woman awaits the delivery date, allowing nature to run its course.
The show which parades 24 works will run for 10 days.