APC’s Alleged N6b Convention Budget


Although the All Progressives Congress (APC) has denied finalising its budget for its impending national convention, news flying around has it that the ruling party is proposing to spend N6 billion on the meeting and has actually taxed the governors to pool the fund.

It is common knowledge that governors and other stakeholders fund political parties, the very reason governors are quick to hijack parties as well as dictate terms to suit their personal agenda. However, for a party which claims to be averse to corruption and insensate profligacy, a N6 billion budget for its national convention is no less finding ‘means for the boys.’

This does not in any way reflect piety or a commitment to changing the way things used to be done by the previous administrations, often accused of sleaze. With a tottering economy and a disposition which is ostensibly averse to graft, the budget is not only indefensible, it is simply inconceivable, but except of course, this is one of those avenues to raise funds for the elections.