Gospel Mega Act, K-leb Shout, Plans Major Tours


In a world where there is a subtle tussle for supremacy between the secular and gospel genre of music, Kelechi Caleb Obi, aka K-leb Shout, is a minstrel with the finger of heaven on his voice.

The first time you see him on stage, you might be tempted to overlook him, yet he carries a charisma that is difficult to ignore. His voice has an unconventional texture like cracked egg being poured into cake butter. Like warm caramel, it’s not typical baritone but the force of God’s spirit behind it is unmistakable. K-leb Shout has toured around cities in Nigeria growing into a reputable brand worthy of international acceptance in as such he is geared up for his United States and European tour set to kick off by middle of this year. He promises his fans to deliver nothing but good music in his forthcoming tours that would be soul-lifting with God’s goodness. His music has had him share the stage with Eben, Da Truth, Frank Edwards, Micah Stampley, and a host of others.

The list of great talents, such as Nathaniel Bassey, Sammie Okposo, builds up his mentors and role models.