‘Alexandra’ for May 4

After a successful premiere in Atlanta, “Alexandra”, a movie that explores the themes of sexual abuse, human trafficking and redemption hits the Nigerian cinemas from today, May 4. Set in Nigeria and the United States, the thriller ‘Alexandra’ the story of a couple Alexandra (Freda Steffl) and Kevin (Robert Hays) who meet online, after they fall in love, Alexandra relocates to the US to marry the love of her life. What follows is a nightmarish tale of domestic violence, passion and murder. “Alexandra has been a labour of love for me,” said the producer, Freda Steffl. “We set out to produce a story we would be proud to show across this world and I am very grateful to the cast and crew of ‘Alexandra’ for the amazing movie we have made.”

Hollywood star, Vivica Fox, is ecstatic about her role in Alexandra “I am excited to play Detective Walker in the Nollywood movie ‘Alexandra’, check it out, you do not want to miss it,” she said. Directed by Robert O Peters, ‘Alexandra’ which in April 2018 was the recipient of SLAAM Awards Best Foreign Movie of the year in the USA, stars a stellar Hollywood/Nollywood cast including Vivica Fox, Robert Hays, Joseph Benjamin, Freda Steffl, Ada Ameh, Wes Holland, Morgan Peterson, Glen Turner and Amber Nicole Smiley.

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