Duro Ikujenyo and Age of Aquarius featuring Ayinke and Tony Ogaga are set to celebrate Workers Week with a performance at the Freedom Park, Broad Street, Lagos Island May 3 with rendition of Afrobeat, Highlife, Spoken Word and Jazz music.

The performance is dedicated to workers all over the world, especially Nigeria. A statement by Ikujenyo laments, “The present situation of the Nigerian economy with over one thousand percent inflation which has worsened the condition of workers and their families. This has also increased the rate of corruption, anger, annoyance, hypertension and death.”

Ikujenyo, a prolific keyboardist, composer and producer is best known as a member of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti’s Egypt ’80 Band and his political group, Young African Pioneers, proposed a solution to the problem thus: “We need a civilized blue print the FESTAC colloquium on black civilization and education incorporated into the Nigerian constitution, speaking Nigerian languages and value for humanity to build our nation together without our past experience of malice and hatred.”