Online Publishing Remains Vital to Increasing Readership in the Country, Says Author


Ugo Aliogo
As part of effort to improve the declining reading culture in the country, an author Abraham Kola-Amodu, has stated that there is need for increased focus on online publishing.

Kola-Amodu who disclosed this recently in Lagos during the launch of his book titled: ’30 Before 30’ said readership can be improved, stating that there is a steady increase in the readership culture in the country.

He called on government and publishing houses to shift focus on online publishing, stating that the digital age has brought convenience in the way things are done especially reading.

“I agree that readership can be improved in Nigeria but I also know that there’s a steady, albeit slow increase in the readership slope in the country. Either way, I think a good way to increase readership is to do more of e-publishing. Considering the fact that we live in the digital age, we live most of our lives online. Therefore, majority of what we do, including reading, has to be convenient,” he noted.

Speaking on the focus of the book that was launched, Kola-Amodu, said his expectation is that the book would give every reader the positive boost they need in their day/week, adding that it would open the minds of the readers to the fact that life can be a bit more consistently enjoyable if they allow it.

He further explained that the book would encourage every teenager that just attending university is not the only road to success, neither is being a ‘science student’, stressing that he expects the book to give every middle aged adult the nudge that it’s not too late to reset priorities, and enjoy life more.

He encouraged every older adult to be more open to newer schools of thought on enjoying and living life, “I hope it encourages me and everyone to constantly update that “30 before 30”, “40 before 40”, “50 before 50”, “80 before 80” list as much as we all can.”
Kola-Amodu, added: “A while ago, I decided to take time off work, and travelled for a while. It might not have been a smart financial decision, but it birthed this book. All through my time off work, I realised I was going back to those thoughts I put down in words to help me through the difficult days. I was using the lessons I had learnt and put down in writing, as references to situations I was finding myself in. Seeing that some of my former colleagues had encouraged me in the past to put those words together in a book, I also listened to myself in unison and decided to put it all together in one book.”