Ambode: Lagos Being Shortchanged in Resource Distribution

  • Urges residents to collect their PVCs
  • Says nobody can stop his vision for Lagos

By Gboyega Akinsanmi

Lagos State Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, has disclosed that the state is being short-changed in resource distribution, citing unreliable national population statistics the federal government relies on to distribute resources.

Ambode urged all residents of the state “to troop out  and collect their Permanent Voters Cards (PVCs),” noting that failing “to participate in our civic obligation is the long result of the shortchanging of the resources that is distributed across Nigeria.”

He disclosed this at a meeting he addressed in Apapa recently alongside the Deputy Governor, Mrs. Idiat Adebule, Secretary to the State Government, Mr. Tunji Bello and Oba of Lagos, Oba Rilwan Akiolu, among others.

At the meeting, the governor said the 2019 election “is  fast approaching, we will nonetheless complete all ongoing projects in the state and continue to ensure that all residents enjoy the dividends of democracy.”

He, however, urged all residents of the state “to go out and collect their PVCs. The state must use the election to confirm its status as the most populous state in the country. Definitely, this will help to correct the anomaly in distribution of national resources.”  

He, therefore, appealed “to all Lagos residents strongly to collect their PVCs or enroll for PVCs if they have not processed before. The coming election is a different one. We want to define once and for all where the population of Nigeria lies. So, it is not just about APC or the PDP.

“It is not just about other political parties or individuals that are not interested in the state. We want to use our PVCs to send a strong message that the real population of Nigeria is in Lagos State. It is time we realise that before any census in the country, there is one census.

“This is the census of votes. This is the census of the PVCs. So, it becomes a finality that the real population is in Lagos State. That is why we must encourage everyone to go door-to-door or house-to-house, in various groups and unions to ensure that our people go and get our PVC.

“This is because each time we make our own state to look good, other people are coming in and also putting pressure on it for us. That is why we are having too much pressure on our health facilities, our schools and other facilities that we have arranged.

“Because we have refused to participate in our civic obligations, the long result is the shortchanging of the resources that is distributed across Nigeria. I appeal to all Lagos residents and all party leaders that this mobilisation for the PVC has a longer reach than what you think.”

Ambode promised that his administration would spare no effort in ensuring Lagos remains safe, clean and prosperous, noting that the prosperity of Lagos would automatically translate to greater prosperity for Nigeria.

Without mincing words, Ambode explained that the prosperity of Lagos State “is on a positive trajectory. We believe strongly in it. It is our vision and our mission. Nobody is going to stop it. If we secure the prosperity of Lagos, we have secured the prosperity of Nigeria.

“Everything that we need to do to ensure that every Lagos resident has something to do is what this government is committed to do. 

“We will use everything within our reach to ensure that Lagos remains safe, clean and prosperous. Continue to fulfill your obligations and we would do more because that is how Lagos stands to grow.”