Savouring Emirates’ Exceptional In-flight Services  


Frequent travelers believe that the best way to judge an airline is from its Business Class experience. One airline that has taken this mantra to heart is Emirates, one of the top Gulf airlines. Cue into its inflight entertainment onboard the B777-200 on the Dubai-Lagos route and you won’t be disappointed.   Suffice to say, ICE comprising Information, Communication and Entertainment is Emirates premier entertainment platform.

From ample mouthwatering menu of gourmet dishes inspired by the region to juices, cocktails, mocktails and wines from different regions of the world, a mouth-watering experience awaits you. Appetisers and main courses range from traditional Arabic mezze, Moroccan-style or intercontinental small bites served with a seasonal side salad and freshly baked bread.

Delicious dessert leaves your palate in good stead. Whether it is Laurent-Perrier champagne, Pierro L.T.C Semillon Australian white wine, or Chateau Pontesac Medoc 2006, you can be assured of guzzling the best liquor and spirits in the world

 Interestingly, up to 3,000 channels of movies, TV shows, music and games, on demand and in multiple languages, is the airline’s strong selling point. Staying in touch with family is easy with ‘C’ in ice is communication. With onboard Wi-Fi, you can make a call on mobile or use the in-seat phone. With this new technology, travellers can use the in-seat satellite phone to stay in touch with home or their offices or use it to call other people right on the flight. 

They can also send messages using onscreen SMS and email services. You can use your mobile on over 300 flights a day, including all of Emirates A380 flights and most Boeing 777s.