NGO Takes Easter Celebration to Orphanage Home


Ayodeji Ake

As a symbol of love to the disabled children, an international Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), Jesus Girls, has extended hands of fellowship and support to the less-privileged by taking gifts and food items to Modupe Cole Disabled, Orphanage and Treatment Home in Lagos, to commemorate Easter celebration.

Speaking at the event, the President Jesus Girls NGO, Pastor Sarah Godfrey, noted that the Easter celebration should be an avenue of expressing and demonstrating love to one another, which God has ordained every human being to. She said the NGO has been dedicated to providing support to the less-privileged as a symbol of love.

“We are here because as part of our vision to reach out to the motherless, the rejected, the abused. Some people have been here as babies. Some children were brought by their parents and since then they don’t bother coming to for them, we thought of celebrating with these children. Of course, they can’t talk but written all over them that they are happy people and we are here for them. Jesus Girls has been privately funded and we have been pulling resources together to make things work. We need more support, we still hope that people of like minds out there will see the need to join us,” she said.

Speaking on Jesus Girls NGO, Pastor Godfrey expressed that the organisation was established to provide emotional healings, mentoring and counselling to women facing all kinds of challenges and also coming together to serve humanity.

She said: “I’ve been reaching out to people but officially started June last year. Jesus Girls started with a live gathering, what we do basically is to learn from each other. We share experiences and counselling. Jesus Girls is a Christian NGO dedicated to emotional healings and direct impact in the lives of people. We are also dedicated to those that can’t say thank you. We are looking forward to leave a positive signature in the lives of people, which is the reason why we are here to show love to these children.

“We are not a church and not denominationally inclined. We rock, we slay, we are beautiful hot but don’t get it twisted, we add value to the human race particularly ladies; regardless of colours and backgrounds. Jesus Girls, we wake up potentials, mending broken hearts, bringing emotional healings/resolving challenging relationships, getting back our self-worth/self-esteem, redirecting the confused, refocusing our purpose, charting new vistas and opportunities, promoting mutual pure love and respect, enhancing the dignity of ladies and replicating Jesus in others.”

Mrs. Agatha Essien, a member of the NGO also expressed her enthusiasm in serving humanity through Jesus Girls. “It’s a privilege to be here. It’s a service to humanity, we have been able to touch lives that can’t tell you thank you but with their expressions they are happy. It’s a kind of twin event because we are also celebrating my daughter’s birthday, so I chose to bring her with Jesus Girls to celebrate with the less-privileged,” she said.