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Advocate Sells Own Valuables to Fund Cancer Patient’s Treatment

Advocate Sells Own Valuables to Fund Cancer Patient’s Treatment

Peter Uzoho

A strong anti-cancer crusader and Founder of Niola Cancer Foundation, Eniola Salu, has put on sale her gemstone jewelries to raise funds for the treating of a widow, Mrs. Popoola, suffering from breast cancer.

The decision to sell the valuables, according to Salu was borne out of her passion and resolve to help fight the disease which she stressed has led to the untimely death of thousands of women in Nigeria, particularly the less-privileged ones.

“Mrs. Popoola is currently suffering from stage-two cancer, and she requires money for chemotherapy and other treatments. I do not have money to give her, rather I have vowed to give proceeds of the gemstone jewelries I sell for her treatment.”

Eniola is also the Managing Director of Styles by Saenny, makers of gemstone jewelries.

“I cannot watch the poor widow to continue suffering when I have something that can generate that amount. It is my own contribution to humanity and one of the reasons we established the foundation,” Eniola said.

“So I’m calling on anyone interested in the gemstones to come and buy so we can be able to facilitate Popoola’s treatment to enable her come back to her normal life.”

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