No drainpipe project under Obaseki


The Governor Godwin Obaseki administration does not have any project that drains the resources of the state.

Instead, the governor has added value to the state’s several investments, namely; the Edo Fertiliser and Chemical plant, which has been producing fertiliser for Edo farmers; the development of the Benin Industrial Park and the Gelegele Seaport, for which soil test has been concluded, with other preliminary activities ongoing.

Also worthy of mention is the training of Edo teachers (which was oversubscribed) for the about 300 technology-driven primary school classrooms being designed for the state; the several completed and ongoing road projects as well as the reconstruction of Benin Science and Technical College, among others.

As a responsible government, it is our duty to keep Edo people abreast of developments in the state.

It however becomes ridiculous to continue to respond to cheap lies from the Edo Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Every item mentioned in the recent address of the media by the Edo PDP, is completely false and has no foundation what so ever in truth.

The governor Godwin Obaseki administration is moving so smoothly and delivering all the promises it made to the people. The smooth sail causes the Edo PDP a great deal of unease, discomfiture and discomposure and instead of joining  the moving train, they seem resolute about disrupting the process of progress by fabricating lies.

Psychologists often say that people do not see the world as it is, instead they see the world as they are. This is exactly the case with the Edo PDP. They see the world as they are. They know themselves to be untrustworthy with heavy baggage of graft and so they believe everyone else must be like them.

We know Edo people are too sophisticated to be deceived by these feeble lies. They research, verify and compare claims before reaching a conclusion. But as for the Edo PDP, we are not surprised that they cannot prove their claims because they are lies.

Crusoe Osagie

Special Adviser to Governor Godwin Obaseki on Media and Communication Strategy