Fayemi: Those I Made as Ekiti Governor Betrayed Me After Losing


By Victor Ogunje in Ado Ekiti

Former Governor of Ekiti State, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, yesterday regretted  that many of those he made while superintending over the state later  betrayed him after losing re-election bid in June 21, 2014.

Fayemi said though he had forgiven the  ‘betrayers,’ whom he said allegedly sponsored  campaigns of calumny against his person after being appointed into juicy positions  in his government.

The governorship aspirant disclosed this  in Ode Ekiti  headquarters of Gbonyin Local Government Area yesterday when an All Progressives Congress (APC)  Chieftain Mr. Makinde Araoye, gave social security package to some elders across Ekiti South senatorial district.

The philanthropist, Araoye, who said over 2,500 elders have benefited from the programme across six local governments, described the policy as a reenactment of Fayemi’s Social Security Scheme, where 25,000 people above 65 were  paid N5,000 per month.

Materials distributed included: rice, cash and other palliatives meant to cushion the effect of the hard-biting economic situation on the beneficiaries.

Fayemi, while addressing party  members said: “After losing, many of them started spreading rumour against me that I didn’t allow them to operate freely in my government.

“There was no one that held office in my government that I teleguided. I allowed them to be free and enjoyed their positions contrary to what they said.

“I have forgiven those that betrayed me just like I apologise to whoever I must have offended as a governor, because I am a human being and I can’t claim to be infallible,” he said.

The APC chieftain, Araoye,  stated that he started the programme as part of the ways to reduce poverty in Ekiti and  make the people live a normal life.

The Fayemi’s close ally said the poor performance of the present government is an eye opener to Ekiti electorate and the need to vote wisely in the coming governorship election.

He stated that he would continue to initiate programmes that will impact positively on the wellbeing of the poor masses whether he seek elective positions or not.

Araoye added that he was not doing the empowerment for political reasons, describing the gesture as part of the ways he could contribute to the well-being of the people.

“I am not doing this  for politics,  but I always get disturbed when I see our people wallowing in poverty.  The present government has abandoned the people. He has stopped all the policies initiated by past governments that touched directly on the lives of the poor.

“I started this programme nine years ago and I have promised to continue to do as long as I live.  It is not good for you to do good to people only when you want to contest election.

“What we are doing are God’s works. Whatever you do for humanity,  you shall be greatly blessed for it,  so I appeal to our rich people to invest in human capital for Ekiti to become a place of pride,” Araoye advised.