Many a man or woman who had won and tasted power or had it imposed upon him or her, with much understatement, find it extremely difficult to adjust to life without power. Stripped of the accoutrements and delightful frills of office, they wander about donning masks of moral fibre and nurturing behind their masks, an appalling and impregnable conceit of themselves. They find it even more cumbersome to relate with ordinary folk they had known before they came by power.

Ultimately, they choose to live lives of quiet displeasure if they no longer have access to the corridors of power. Caught amid ordinariness, if they do not blow their own trumpets, it is because they feel you are not fit to listen to the performance. However, Abimbola Fashola, former First lady of Lagos State, is remarkably different from such characters. Since she left office with her husband, Babatunde Fashola, at the expiration of the latter’s second term as Lagos governor, Abimbola has been very quiet.

A very nice and decent woman, she maintained a life of pleasant decorum and sociability while in office and even outside the corridors of power. Beneficiaries of her friendliness testify that when she was the first lady, she honored all invitations to events and high-octane parties. It was also delightful to see her attend such events as a comedian’s night out – where she interacted amiably with both affluent and middling segments of the Lagos citizenry.

Abimbola Fashola was never a loud and extravagant woman during her time as the coastal city’s First Lady neither is she now that she has retired to the life of an ordinary citizen. Since she left the government house, however, fans of the former First Lady have been wondering what she has been up to. She is hardly seen in the social and political arenas and she has never been one to lust feverishly for the spotlight. Where is Abimbola Fashola?