The Offa Robbery


The recent robbery in Offa, Kwara State, involving about six major banks and a lot of casualties is another damning verdict on the security situation in the country. Its architecture appears hopeless and helplessly feeble. As if that was not enough, there was yet another round of killings at a pub in Plateau State and a border between Benue and Nasarawa States. These indeed, are both interesting and challenging times!

Although the Kwara State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Lawan Ado, on Saturday, said seven suspects had been arrested in connection with the robbery, which involved the Union Bank, Ecobank, Guarantee Trust Bank, First Bank, Zenith Banks and Ibolo Micro Finance Bank, government must do more to set examples and forestall a reoccurrence.

Just like the government indulged in propaganda over the Boko Haram sect, claiming technical victory where none literally existed, it cannot continue to pad a palpably porous security set-up across the states of the federation. There is therefore the need for effective collaboration and make the mindless killing in Offa the game changer by stepping up the security of the nation.