Aimee Moves from ‘So Great’ to ‘Increasing Grace’


A corporate voice on the Nigerian gospel music scene, Rita Alakija, has released a new album with the title, Increasing Grace. The album flaunts eight tracks, which include “Heavenly Father”, “How Great”, “There Is Healing”, “Amazing Love”, “Here You are Maranatha” and “I’m Safe”, in which she featured Adaeze Adeoluwa.

One thing that gospel music buffs will not miss out in the album is the gripping voice of the singer popularly called Aimee. So also is her passion to celebrate her Creator, Whom she describes in an interview as her saving grace. These are what the songs are built around, so that when Aimee is talking about “beautiful” and “love” in “Increasing Grace”, everything is about the Lord. According to her, this develops from her first two albums, “Lost without You” and “So Great”.

She says in the interview, “Grace is about God’s unlimited favour. So, the album is inspired and rendered to be a blessing to the listener. It is saying that you can aspire more, you can inspire more and you can achieve more. A lot of the songs were birthed through fire. But I am just giving God praise because I have the cause to. There was a time I thought nothing beautiful could thrive around me again. Things were not working out in many areas. But God said I could make it and here I am against all odds. God removed my ugliness and make me whole again. Or, when you look at me, what do you see? A strong, beautiful woman.”

While Jude Nnogo served as the project manager of the new album, it was produced by Akin Cole and mixed by Laitan Dada. ‘Increasing Grace is already on iTune and CD Baby. Just as the video of one of the tracks, ‘Beautiful’, has also been shot with Ben Jossy as the producer.